Helsinki Photography Biennial 27.3.–14.5.2014


Three Significant International Photography Events in Finland in 2014

The Finnish fans of art photography are in for a treat in 2014. Helsinki Photography Biennial starts in Helsinki in March, and in September there are two international photography events in Tampere and Oulu: Backlight’14 Photo Festival and Week 37 – Nordic Photography, organized for the first time.

Helsinki Photography Biennial

Helsinki Photography Biennial is a series of events on photo/lens-based contemporary art, organized every two years in spring by Union of Artist Photographers in Finland. The biennial is held next year from 27 March to 14 May, 2014. HPB14 is produced by Union of Artist Photographers/Photographic Gallery Hippolyte in collaboration with The Finnish Museum of Photography. In 2014, the biennial aims to examine causal relations regarding ecological issues.

Curator Başak Şenova’s curatorial framework addresses fallacies of ecological knowledge and fosters collaborative connections between ecological data and photography-based archives. HPB14 has invited Mustarinda Association (Finland) to develop the theme of the 2014 biennial. HPB14 venues include The Finnish Museum of Photography, Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, L3-building in Jätkäsaari, Galleria U (Hungarian Cultural Centre Helsinki) and Helsinki University Main Library (Kaisa House), Helsinki Central railway station and Restaurant Hima & Sali at the Cable Factory.

More information: Tiina Salmia, Helsinki Photography Biennial,, tel. 045 304 55 40,

Backlight’14 Photo Festival
Backlight’14 Photography event is organized in Tampere and Valkeakoski in September 2014 with a wide variety of exhibitions and additional program. Backlight continues the festival’s tradition of debating the social issues with the means of contemporary photography: the theme examines human solidarity, trust, and lack of it. International open call for artists continues until 15 March and as a result Finnish and international artists are selected to participate in shows in TR1 Taidehalli, Voipaala Arts Centre and a selection of galleries in Tampere. In addition, 6 September opens an exhibition  presenting five Middle Eastern photographic artists previously unseen in Finland. The artists were invited by Backlight.

Backlight is an international photography event organized by Photographic Centre Nykyaika and held every three years. The festival started in 1987 and is organized for the tenth time in 2014.

More information: Nykyaika Photographic Centre, Irma Puttonen or Tuula Alajoki : firstname.lastname @ , tel 040 756 9796,,


Week 37 – Nordic Photography Event
WEEK 37 – Nordic Photography Event is held for the first time in Oulu 12-14 September, 2014. The event includes a photography exhibition in which Scandinavian photographic artists from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are introduced to the Finnish public. The theme of the exhibition focuses on the diversity of the northern environment and culture. In addition a seminar and various meetings and public events for artists, curators, critics and media working in the photographic field are organized.

Behind the event is Nordic Photography Network, established in 2011, whose members are Förbundet Frie Fotografer and Fotogalleriet (Norway), Centrum för Fotografi (Sweden), Galleri Image and Fotografisk Center (Denmark) and Northern Photographic Centre (Finland). The event is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund.

More information: Northern Photographic Centre, Alla Räisänen,, tel. 040 72 72 135