Helsinki Photography Biennial 27.3.–14.5.2014


Tamas Dezso – Here, Anywhere

Twenty years ago, with the political transition, Hungarians saw their country change dramatically. Cityscape also began to transform. Some of the streets, districts and residential areas have not yet been reached by reforms. In these places slices of Hungary’s recent history have stayed in place almost as if in time capsules.

As a child, Tamas Dezso experienced the ways in which Soviet power affected everyday life. He decided to record the hidden realities that he thinks are essential for an understanding of his home country today. Dezso’s photographic project “Here, Anywhere” (2009 -) examines the transitional period of the post-communist space. Buildings, landscapes and entire districts of the past still exist until some day nature or the lifestyles of future generations will gradually reclaim them.

Tamas Dezso (born 1978) is a fine art documentary photographer. He lives and works in Budapest. Dezso works on long-term projects that focus on the margins of society in Hungary, Romania, and other parts of Eastern Europe.

Dezso’s works have been published in prestigious media all over the world, such as TIME magazine, The New York Times, National Geographic, and Le Monde Magazine.

Photographs from Deszo’s project “Here, Anywhere” are exhibited during Helsinki Photo Biennial at Gallery U, Kaisaniemenkatu 10.

Written by: Maija Vikman

Tamas Dezso: Here, Anywhere