Helsinki Photography Biennial 27.3.–14.5.2014



The Union of Artist Photographers was founded in 1988. It represents artists who use photography as the main vehicle of artistic expression. Its activities consist mostly of the provision of information and counselling services for its membership and the organisation of exhibitions and other events involving photography. The Union of Artist Photographers has nearly 400 members.



The Union maintains the oldest and most prestigious photographic gallery in Finland, the Hippolyte Photographic Gallery in the centre of Helsinki. In addition to mounting monthly changing exhibitions, the gallery also sells work by the members of the Union. The Union organises an annual photographic sales exhibition, regular gallery exhibitions as well as thematic shows in Finland and abroad.


Suomen valokuvataiteen museo

The Finnish Museum of Photography is the national special museum for photography, its job being to promote and foster Finnish photographic art and culture. The Museum, founded on the initiative of a number of photography organizations, began its work in 1969. The Museum puts on exhibitions of Finnish and foreign contemporary photography, and presents the diverse history of photography. The Museum’s collections include about 3.7 million pictures spanning the various user cultures in photography. The emphasis in collection acquisitions is on Finnish contemporary photographic art.



Mustarinda is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 in Finland to foster ecological and cultural diversity. Mustarinda investigates the cultural and socio-economical structures of society, largely dominated by different aspects of the ecological crisis. Already during the first years more than one hundred professionals of art and research have taken part in the residency program and in the variety of events and exhibitions organized by Mustarinda.