Helsinki Photography Biennial 27.3.–14.5.2014


Braco Dimitrijević – Between the Louvre and the Zoo

“If one looks from the Moon
There is no distance between
The Louvre and the Zoo”

Braco Dimitrijevic, Memories of Childhood, 1983

Braco Dimitrijevic, Memories of Childhood, 1983

I wait at the Helsinki Airport for Mr. Braco Dimitrijević to arrive from Paris. I meet this elderly gentleman who appears to be confident and worldly. He is talkative and friendly and soon we are engaged in an interesting conversation of places we have lived in and how we would like to visit the places where we once walked. Our taxi arrives at the Hippolyte Gallery in Helsinki. His exhibition opens at the Helsinki Photography Biennial 2014.

Braco Dimitrijević was born in Sarajevo in 1948. Before studying arts he studied physics and mathematics. Mr. Dimitrijević achieved a MA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He continued his studies in the prestigious St Martin’s School of Art. He has exhibited in several famous places in the world, among them just a few: Tate Gallery, London, MOMA, New York, Musée du Louvre, Paris and now we in Helsinki are happy to receive Braco Dimitrijević.

Braco Dimitrijević learned his first artistic strokes in his father’s studio and had his first exhibition at age ten. His first big international breakthrough came in London where he exhibited his now famous series of Casual Passer-By. According to his own words he likes to analyze human behavior. In his book, Between the Louvre and the Zoo (Umberto Allemandi&Ci, 2012) he notes “I make works with animals in order to learn about man.” As I say my farewells to him at the Finnish Museum of Photography he replies, “We will meet somewhere.” I hope so. It has been a privilege to meet him in person.

Written by: Karin Toyoda